JavaScript and why minimize it

Introduction to JavaScript

As an introduction and to remember it more easily, let's understand that JavaScript is the programming language that gives dynamism to a website. JavaScript, is also known in the following way: JS, by its acronym. This programming language represents one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, along with HTML and CSS.

Every year more websites implement it. As of 2022, it is recorded that 98% of websites use JavaScript.

The confusion between Java and JavaScript is very recurrent, due to the similarity in their names, however, they are two languages ​​that are very different in terms of design.

In the beginning, JavaScript engines were used only in web browsers, but today the engines of this programming language are central components of some servers and many applications. The most popular runtime system for this use is Node.js.

Why minify JavaScript?

Now that we have understood what JavaScript is, let's move on to understand the importance of reducing JavaScript codes. As with the other two core languages ​​of the World Wide Web, ie HTML and CSS, JavaScript must also be minified in order to improve the performance of a website. When the designs and styles of a web page are developed and the JavaScript language is used, developers have the habit of adding comments, blank spaces and variables in the code, this in order to serve as a guide for themselves and others. all contributors to the development of the website; however, for browsers, all that series of comments and spaces are useless, and even counterproductive, since they increase the loading time of the page.

To minify JavaScript files, you need to remove comments and extra spaces, as well as variable names to minify code and reduce file size. The minimized file version is not affected in terms of its performance and at the same time the bandwidth of network requests is reduced.

On average a code can be reduced by 40%. In some cases, minification can reduce file size by up to 60%.

In conclusion

Today, minification is a necessary practice for page optimization. Minifying a code guarantees a higher loading speed, and therefore a better user experience. That is why here at we have included a tool that can do it.

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